Story of Scholar OM SREY NECH
OM SREY NECH is 12 years old, studying at grade 7 at CHIBACHRO Lower Secondary School, which locates at Saray Andeth village, Chres commune, Kampong Trolach district, Kampong Chhnang province.

My parents were divorced few years ago, when my father fail sick. My father’s body has permanently vibrated, especially his both hands; he moved to live in a cottage nearby his brother and sister’s homes after getting divorce. I, as my father fail sick and could not work, felt sorry for him because he is sick and could not work and I decided to live with him to take care of him. I have faced with difficult living situation because my family has almost got no income and we have been fed by my grandmother, aunt and uncle; they are also poor.
My father could not work to get income, but he could do light work such as raising chicken; we made our living with raising chicken and rice cultivating on a small farmland; we have only 3 chicken. The rice cultivation provided poor product that could support my family from 3 to 4 months only; we live in hard situation. I have also involved in finding money to support my family; I worked for my aunt and uncle’s families at the farm when school was on holiday during cultivating and harvesting seasons, but the working period was too short, about 4 to 5 days and I got total income of 7,500Riel (US$1.87). I sometime visited my mother and she gave me 5,000Riel (US$1.25) for going to school.
SREY NECH’s father Mr. OM HEIY said that” I cannot work to get income to support my family, I can do light work at home such as raising hen, but I have only 3 hens; my living situation is very worst. My family’s living situation has based on my brother, sister and mother; they are poor; I feel very sorry for my daughter and would like to request the donor to continue support her with scholarship.

I go to school every day because I like studying; I wish to study until to complete grade and want to be a teacher of lower secondary education. I do not know I can study until to complete grade 12, because my family is very poor, but if somebody or organization supports me, I can continue my study until to complete grade 12. I wish to take English private class so that to improve it before I go to high grade; the tuition fee is 300Riel (US$0.075). I do not have money to study. I used to take English private class for a short period, and then I stopped it because of shortage of money; I like to study English.
I go to school every day with almost no money to buy something to eat at school; sometime my father or grandmother gives me 300Riel (US$0.075); I, with this amount, can buy 3 pieces of candy.
I would like to wish donor good health and happiness and also to request donor to continue support me so that I can continue my study.

The living situation of poor people is almost the same condition throughout Cambodia; they will face with serious condition if the family member falls sick or get accident. They have to sell their properties such as cow and farmland or get loan from the micro financial bank to care the sick; they will face with bad living situation and fall into poverty !


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