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We need bicycle
One of the biggest problems cited in education in Cambodia is low survival rate of secondary education; the education statistic in 2016 - 2017 indicated that the net enrollment at primary education was 93.5% and gross enrollment at lower secondary education was 55.5% and at upper education was 25.1%; and the dropout rate at primary education was 4.6%, at lower secondary education was 17.0% and at upper education was 19.4%.

The reason of survival rate at secondary education is because of the location between school and students ‘homes is far; it is about 50% to 60% of student having far home. Transportation means “Bicycle”, as there is no public transport service at the rural area, is very important for rural student.
Bicycle, in Cambodia, has been considered as important transportation means for rural students who graduated primary school and wished to continue to secondary schools, which locates far from home, and it will be the important equipment in serving the daily living situation of students and their families.

IM NY,14 years old and his brother IM DEN, 12 years old wake up at 4;30 morning and walk to school where about 8km from school; his family could not support him a bicycle. Both students
could not come to school on time.  

Walking to and from far school is not only tiring and time consuming, but also seriously impacts the study of student; students may not concentrate on study or may not struggle in study.

To support bicycle to students from the poor and disadvantaged families in the rural area will not only to promote the enrolment and retention of students in  lower secondary education, but will also encourage them to continue to upper secondary; it will also contribute to the poverty reduction of the rural people.


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