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Education is free in Cambodia, but the heavy burden still falls on parents to provide a large amount of the costs associated with accessing education such as buying study material, uniform meal and so on; these costs can seem negligible, when added together; they can pose an insurmountable barrier for the family, thus decision about whether to keep children in or out of school are easier to make if there is an additional economic strain on the parents to keep their children in school.

CHOUN SOPHORN, 14 years old, studies at grade 8; she has two siblings and she is the eldest of the family. SOPHORN’s family has no farmland; her family makes the daily living by catching fish, crap and vegetable in the rice field with very small income that cannot support the daily living, thus her family has to get loan from neighbors and refunds in labor as cultivating and harvesting. 

SOPHORN, on holiday, often to find job nearby her village to that to get income for her study and family; she said that: I can continue my study, because I get scholarship, if no scholarship I may not able to continue my study. SOPHORN wishes to a teacher.

Most Cambodian children at the rural area have faced with such situation as SOPHORN,

thus the enrolment at secondary education is annually low and the dropout is high; the dropout rate at lower secondary education is 17.0% and at upper secondary education is 19.4% in 2016.

Education support effectively contributes to the education development as well as to reduce the poverty of the rural people; it effectively increases and retains the enrollment of students at secondary education. 


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