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Poverty impacts poor children ‘education

The education system of Cambodia was totally destroyed by the Khmer Rouge regime during 1975-1997. Almost human recourses were killed; schools and education institutions were closed and transformed into prison and warehouse. It was restored in 1997 with lack of resources, human and material.

In the 1990s, after the Paris Peace Accord and the UN sponsored election, there were significant changes in the education system, many new schools building were constructed and more material became available through donor funding. While the funding for education has improved and dramatic changes are underway, but there still many enormous problem with education service delivery, a large gab in education quality between urban and rural or remote schools; there is low enrolment and high dropout rate at secondary education at the rural area. The reason of this is because of poverty and social factor.     

BUN THEIT is 13 years old, studies at grade 6 at ROKATONG primary school, which locates at TEUK PHOS district, Kampong Chhnang Province. THEIT is a clever student; he is 6 among 25 students in his class; THEI likes studying mathematic and wishes to be a teacher of primary school.  

BUN THEIT in a single son of his family; his parents divorced few years ago;  THEI at present lives with his father who has suffered serious tuberculosis that cannot do any job; both father and son have lived in the ruin house and have been fed by relatives and neighbors.

BUN THEIT will graduate primary education this year and will continue secondary education in next academic year. What will happen to this poor boy as his unhealthy father cannot do anything? THEIT is vulnerable boy who will quit study because of his family’s living situation; he need encouragement and support for his study and living.

People living at the rural have narrow access to find job at their community, except farming; they, after harvesting, have to migrate to the urban area or city to find job and leaving children alone at home. Majority rural people are vulnerable to be poor if the member of the family get sick or accident; it is like BUN THEIT‘s family as the evident.

Majority of Cambodian children living at the rural area from the economically disadvantaged family have to work after school time, Sunday and holiday so that to survive day by day; it is quite deferent from children from the economically advantaged family; they can take relax, visit resort area, access to additional course and get warm  comfort from their family. Children from the poor family have lack chance for education; they are the vulnerable children to quit their study due to poverty; poverty is the enemy to destroy their future.

To help building bright future for poor Cambodian children is to provide them with education support; to provide education support is to donate them wisdom; it is valuable treasure for human.


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