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KEAT LIKA’s story

01:    Scholar’s profile

My name is KEAT LIKA; I am 14 years old. I study at M1 in ROLUS Lower Secondary School, which locates in TEUK CHHUO district, Kampot province; it is about 6.7km form her home.

I have  5 siblings, 3 females and 2 males and I am the  youngest; my mother passed away when I was 4 years old and my  father got new wife and abandoned the children. My mother’ relatives, seeing such situation, adopted me and my brothers and sisters; we have lived separately.

02: KEAT LIKA’s own family

I have two elder brothers and two elder sisters.  






Living Location






Dropped out at P8 (M2)

Koh Kong province



KEAT PHALLA (she is mute)



Dropped out at P3

Phnom Penh

Help aunt’s family





Study at P10 (M3)

Koh Kong province






Study at P9 (M2)

Phnom Penh



My brother has worked hard to get income; he usually sends some money to me and my brother and sister who still study.  

03: KEAT LIKA’s Situation

 I have lived with my uncle and aunt’s family Mr. HENG LOM and Mrs. SENG CHIM; my uncle is 56 years old and aunt is 63 years old. They have six children; four of them married and other two are single and work at garment factory.  My aunt’ s family has half hectare of rice farmland, which the cultivation can be made only one time a year with un-husked rice yield of 1,250kg; this product could support the family only 6 months with 6 persons, thus they have to do plantation such as sugar can on small farmland behind their home and with small support of 200,000 Riel (U$50) from their 2 daughters that work at the garment factory; this amount is for managing the daily living condition. 

I have also involved in finding money to support the family; I during cultivating season, worked at the farm when school holiday, but the working period was too short, about 10 days and the daily income was 5,000 Riel (U$1.25); and during harvesting season, I could work only 4 times, and one time I got 12,000Riels (U$3) as income. I, after cultivating and harvesting seasons, have done house work such as cooking, looking brother and sister “cousins”, take water from the well, washing dresses, thresh rice and so on.

04:    KEAT LIKA’s Education and Desire

I have strong intention in education; I want to study until completion and I want to be a teacher of lower secondary school in my commune. I like to study and I want to study English, too; at school, there is an English lesson program, but only 3 hours a week. I want to English private class that will be begun after school hours, but I do not have money to pay; it is 10,00Riel (U$2.50) a month.  .

05: Uncle and Aunt’s Desire

I and my wife have never forced LIKA to work for income; we have pushed her to study hard. We wish her to study until graduation, but we could not know for sure it is possible or impossible due to our living condition.



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