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EDF-Cambodia is a member of the EDF Group , in assistance support by Japan (EDF-Japan [Known as Minsai Center Japan] ). EDF Group mission is to help promote basic education in Cambodia and other developing countries. Its aim is to empower children in developing countries to have a better life and to become qualified human resources in order to overcome poverty in their communities EDF-Cambodia is operating in five main purposes:
  • To support to rural poor children to get access to free and quality education and completed primary schooling (Grade 4, 5, 6) due to the financial facing in the families. The grant will based on the family economic condition and situation.
  • To establish with the philosophy of poverty reduction and education development.
  • To develop children education and self-confidence, so that they can better support their families communities and society.
  • To provide scholarship and carries out development projects for underprivileged students and schools as well as caries out expand and research new projects.
  • EDF-Cambodia is non-profit organization and is not involved in any political issues.
EDF-Cambodia’s objective is to increase poor students access to primary schools, children should be given the chance to complete their education and grow into adults who make a contribution to their local communities development and also to encourage students with materials support to overcome the poverty, and continue to study lower secondary schools(increase poor students’ educational opportunities).

Our mission in the past time
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The Education For Development Fund
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